Let's BE-gin!

This site is purely built for my own fun

Let me explain.

It's been more than 15 years ago that as profession, I did HTML-programming. At that time HTML4 was the standard. And using stylesheets, CSS2? Never heard off... So I admit that my experience in building websites is pretty outdated.

Last year I asked Anne Ogburn (her name will appear more) something on Prolog. In her answer she asked me for a link to my site. Shame on me!!! Even after having worked for several years as webmaster, I still didn't have a link to a site of my own.

I would like to share my experiences with ProLog to others. And the best medium I see for this moment, is internet. But if I want to share my experiences, I will have to built a site!

You'll see that sometimes the layout from my pages changes . Every page which has it's content edited, will be shown in my latest layout. How the layout is developed in tim will be explained in My site

My intention is to use this site to explain what I had to do to come to a succesfull product and website.
I hope that this will be usefull to others.

Join me on my tour!